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Did CM Punk Really Quit?

January 30th, 2014 | by Matt Donato
Did CM Punk Really Quit?

A video has recently surfaced showing an excerpt of CM Punk answering a few fan questions during a Q&A session on January 24th at Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, Oregon.

You can watch that video Here

A fan who attended the even sent these notes from the Q&A to

Punk appeared to be in a great mood and excited about the weekend. He was obviously really tired, and did talk about how he’s worn out. He joked about being ready to do nothing but sit on his couch.

– He said that he’s tired of traveling and never gets to see the places anyway since it’s just going from one show to the next, without ever getting to do any touristy stuff.

– He said that he’s been really sick, especially from September through November of last year. He was basically having weekly MRIs and blood work done, but they can’t figure out what’s wrong. He noted that he started eating meat again and is starting to feel a little better, but still wasn’t even close to 100%.

– He was frustrated with the direction that the company was going and felt that the writers weren’t in touch with what the fans want.

– He doesn’t think that Sting should come to WWE because frankly, he doesn’t have anything left in the tank and would again take away from the younger wrestlers.

– He’s good money-wise, and hasn’t really spent much so he’s not worried about receiving a paycheck anymore.

While these notes could easily help along the idea of his imminent deviation from the company, it also helps lend some credibility towards the notion that this is in fact could possibly be nothing more than a work. All of these points are issues that punk has been very verbal about in the past, so using these issues could easily help to make the situation feel more authentic.

As previously reported, one of the main reasons for Punks departure from the company was Dave Batista’s signing and ultimate title shot at this years WrestleMania.

However this video seems to say something completely different.

Punk mentions that he actually likes Dave and thinks that him coming back is a “Good thing”. He even went as far as comparing it to the Rocks recent run saying “He’s not just doing Pay-Per-Views, he’ll be working a full schedule.” So Punks alleged anger towards the animal seems to be nothing but fabrication.

He also mentioned that due to his indeterminable illness he thought taking some “Time Off” might just be the best thing for him at this point in his career.

It seems a bit odd that days after mentioning a need for time off, he ends up quitting.

With punks painted past it wouldn’t be difficult for The WWE to manufacture false information in order to mislead us. Back in 2011- Year of his infamous “Pipe-bomb” – Punk was also seen dancing around the same idea of leaving the WWE under a similar set of circumstances. He would later re-sign with the company and go on to be the longest reigning WWE champion in recent history.

So could this be real, or something that WWE has concocted to bring Punk back into the lime light?

If it is real then he will surely be missed; but, If it isn’t, then this will undoubtedly be one of the most elaborate and perfectly orchestrated works in recent WWE history.

*Side-Note: has still not removed Punk from their active roster.

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